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Home to many historical and cultural landmarks, museums, recreational parks, theaters and restaurants, Montgomery has a lot going on! Locals say that they are the epitome of economic prosperity. It is a city that is rich in history, but is also very much focused on the future. Living in Montgomery is really pleasant. The cost of living is 11% lower than the national average. Furthermore, the cost of housing is % lower than the national average.

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that the city is also having pest problems. Like any other city in America, the locals have been complaining about bed bugs and mosquitoes that need to be addressed as soon as possible. Worry no more! We are here to provide the best pest control Montgomery AL residents and business owners need to be able to keep living their best lives in the city. We do not want you to halt your life only for those pests. Continue with your lives and let us do all the work. We want you to sit back and relax. Let us help you fully eradicate the pests that might be harming your family’s health or your business’ reputation..

We serve both commercial and residential establishments. We know how businesses need regular professional pest control. It is also the same with homes where families live in.We will assess your home or your business situation, identify the root of the infestation and the problema areas, and develop a pest management plan that fits your facility or your home, adheres to your industry;s regulations, and most important of all, fits your budget. Our highly skilled and trained exterminator Montgomery AL will be more than happy to provide your pest control needs. Our promise is that you will get your money’s worth and give you 100% satisfaction.

Commercial Pest Control

Our business is making sure your business stays pest-free!

We understand that a single pest sighting can be detrimental to businesses in Montgomery AL. We believe that a single headline about your business having “creepy crawlies” can permanently and massively damage the reputation of your business. Maintaining a good reputation as well as protecting health and property is critical.

If you suspect that you are having pests in your business space, it is time to call a pest control company immediately. Pest control treatments may last a day or up to a week. A single day of stoppage of business operations can lose you hundreds of dollars. Nobody in the business industry likes losing even just a few dollars, what more if it is hundreds? Save your business by hiring a professional pest control company to inspect your business premises regularly. The exterminator Montgomery AL business owners need is here to take all your worries away.

The business industries we serve are as follows:

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Residential Pest Control

Pest-free Homes, Sickness-free Homes

Let’s face it, pests invading your homes are very much unpleasant. Running around the house spraying insecticides in every corner is not just working any more. Have you ever heard of the adage: “If you see a cockroach, there are thousands more hiding.” That is very true! HIring the best pest control Montgomery AL residents have grown to trust through the years is your best chance at living in a home that is free from any kind of pest.

One of the biggest misconceptions of people about pests is that they only invade dirty homes. That can also be true, but not all the time. Even neat and tidy homes experience pests which means that nobody can be completely pest free without the help of a professional pest control company.

Pests can be carriers of viruses and bacteria that can be harmful to humans’ health. Our home is the place where our children and loved ones stay after a long day of work or schooling. It is a place where they feel safe and comfortable. Pests can ruin your home– your loved ones safe haven. Do not let them near your family.  We will help you protect your home from pests such as bed bugs, termites, rats, mice, mosquitoes, and other nuisances that can be harmful to your family or to the structure of your home. We have been providing the most effective pest control Montgomery AL residents need for years.

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Don’t Have A Regular Professional Pest Control Company? 5 Reasons That Is A Huge Mistake

Having a regular pest inspection from your trusted pest control provider can help you in many ways more than you can ever imagine. Aside from the peace of mind that is given to you because you know that you are protected, having a regular pest inspection can also save you time, effort and money. Still unsure as to whether you should get a professional pest control provider? Here are more reasons why:

This is the most important reason why you should hire a professional pest control company. Having them on call will give you peace of mind. Knowing that you are protected from pests relieve any anxiety you might have. Pests like mosquitoes carry the virus that is responsible for the dengue fever. The mosquito control Montgomery AL needs is here to keep your family safe from disease-carrying mosquitoes. On the other hand, fecal wastes of rodents can cause leptospirosis and other diseases. Hospital bills and medicines can be very expensive. Save yourselves from paying health bills, contact a professional pest control company now to help you with any pest problem you might have in your home or business space.

Food contamination is set to happen if there are pests present in your home or your business. Rodent urine and feces can be present anywhere and may contaminate the food that you serve your customers or your family.  A contaminated food can cause food poisoning and harm your customers and also your family. Food is necessary for us to live; we should always maintain our cooking space and eating space free from pests so that we can be sure that the food we serve is safe for consumption. You should have preventive measures to keep your food environment free from any kind of pests. Professional pest control Montgomery AL companies can provide you detailed and specialized inspections in protecting food service businesses and food processing facilities.

Bad news for you, do-it-yourselfers! DIY pest control procedure that you found on google has more chances of failing than succeeding. Moreover, pesticides and other pest control treatments may contain harmful chemicals that need to be handled only by professional pest exterminators. Improper use of pesticides may lead to suffocation and intoxication. Our team who performs pest control is fully equipped with protective gears. They are trained on how to handle pest exterminating equipment and how to properly utilize pest control chemicals.They know how to safely remove pests. Do not risk doing pest extermination all by yourself, let us help you remove all those pests away.

Pests like termites and rodents can be very destructive. Before you even know it, termites may have made huge damage already. Having pests like rodents and termites at your home or office spaces is a sign that there is a damaged area of your home. These kinds of pests work under the ground or inside your ceilings. They are usually out of your sight. You may not be able to notice them early, but seeking help once you notice them will definitely save your home. They may have already done a big damage before you know it. Contacting the best pest exterminator Montgomery AL residents recommend at the early stages of pest infestation is the wisest thing to do.

Professional pest technicians guarantee the maximum effectiveness of pest control treatments. With our years of experience and expertise, we have formulated a structured plan on how to effectively exterminate all unwanted pests that you have in your home or office space. Our years of experience have taught us all the valuable things that we know about pests behavior and pest control. We used our experiences to formulate our very own ways, treatments, and procedures. The clients that we had before recommend us to their friends and relatives because we have provided them with a very effective, safe, and child-friendly pest control service.

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            Our pest inspections are very holistic – we do not just look at the surfaces, we look beyond the interior walls to find the root of the pest infestation, the root cause of the persistent pest problems. This method effectively stops pests dead in their tracks. Mosquitoes abound during the summer season in Alabama. The mosquito terminators Montgomery AL locals need is here to protect you from getting bitten by disease carrying mosquitoes! Give us a call and get ready to experience the most effective, safest, superior pest control that Montgomery locals deserve to have.